Weight Loss Program


Our Weight Loss Program is individually tailored for long-term maintenance, which is optimal for your health. We help you reach goals by engraining new habits that fit into your lifestyle and help you learn tips for life long success. We provide consistent feedback, monitoring and support as we build a personal meal plan based on your goals. Food choices are based on your preferences, and portions suggested are aimed to meet individual energy needs. Meal planning is based on your medical history, medications, schedule, activity level and appetite.

We fine-tune and readjust short-term goals until your target weight loss goal is reached, while keeping long term habits. Body fat analysis is available for evaluating progress. We discourage quick fixes, short cuts or fad diets, which exclude necessary nutrients making them detrimental to your health. We tackle challenges that come up along the way, while developing new healthier behaviors. We offer a step-by-step approach to meet you where you are, allowing changes that you are comfortable to maintain as a way of life while still enjoying foods. We also provide coaching to address emotional eating, while practicing intuitive eating habits. You will learn to create balanced meals and snacks that fit into your day-to-day routine, while boosting energy that keeps you motivated. We look forward to helping you create this new you with healthy habits to achieve weight loss success.

Let Food be thy medicine and medicine thy Food. – Hippocrates